The Wallpapers for your phone project

A digital artwork doesn’t need to be translated into paper form. The screen of a smartphone or a computer monitor are real objects, not virtual.

There are the words of Piero Chiariello on the occasion of the first exhibition Wallpapers for your phone, dedicated to the digital artworks made by Tiziano Bellomi, of which he was the curator. Mazzacana Gallery is the first reality on an international level that decided to focus on digital works of art specially created to be displayed on a smartphone screen.

Each exhibition of this project features ten artworks in digital format made by an artist, whose works are available for free download for the entire period of the show and become paid at the end of the exhibition, or at the achievement of a limited number of downloaded copies.

They are works of art which move with us. They live with us.

Piero Chiariello

All the digital artwoks displayed during the exhibitions of the project Wallpapers for your phone.